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Angela Ho
Fenghsin Senior High School, 10 grader

Koahsiung--My Hometown

Sitting in the center of Kaoshiung city is my hometown. I have lived here since I was born. There is a variety of buildings around my home; the highest one is called "The King of the East" with 85 stairs could be the second highest in Asia. Night market is the unquiet a unique Taiwan culture, especially in "lui hoa" night market六合. If you want to understand "Typical Eating Cuisine in Taiwan", you must to visit here. The special Taiwan snacks comprise include Oyster omelet, Coffin cakes, Pig blood cakes, Tofu pudding and so on. You should not miss such delicious food! Due to Kaoshiung is a harbor city. There are a number of little islets. "Chichin" is the famous one indeed. When Crossing over from Kaoshiung to Chichin by ferryboats is exceedingly popular. Another traditional form of transportation on Chihin is the "three-wheeled car". The drivers will bring you to visit enjoy the local culture or ancestors relics; by the way the beautiful sight of sunset will move you much more is another dazzling scene. Tourists always had interested in taking it. There a avariety of inexpensive seafood dishes available will satisfy many eaters. The fresh seafood attracts both native Taiwanese and a lot of foreigners from many parts of the world. However, Kaoshiung's features not only focus on food, but on culture level that arts, technology is prosper. Living in Kaoshiung, everything is convenient for me. My neighbors are friendly and I always have access to the best education. I really love my hometown- Kaoshiung.