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Horngyu Hsie
Fenghsin Senior High School, 10 grader

Koahsiung--My Hometown

Kaohsiung is a modern city in south Taiwan. I was born in here. Like other cities, it is noisy, dirty, and seriously polluted, because there are a lot of motorcycles and cars on the street. When I'm on my way to school, I should be careful with cars behind me in full speed.
And there is a river called the Love River. In the past, there was lots of garbage in the river, so it smells badly. Nowadays, it is quite different. It is very clean and beautiful. On the Lantern Festival, you can see fire cracker and water dancing in the middle of river, and there were many lanterns around the river. I go to the activity every year, and it is really beautiful.
Though the traffic is dangerous in Kaohsiung, I still love the city because there are still some advantages living in Kaohsiung. We have international airport, harbor, train station and city buses, and the MRT in the near future. We are proud of our public transportation system. There are beautiful views in Shou Shan, and there is a zoo in it. When you climb the Shau Shan, you will see many wild and very cute monkeys. I like to climb the Shou Shan, too. The Kaohsiung harbor is one of other places with beautiful views. You can take the boat at Gou Shan harbor to view Kaohsiung from the sea. You can see many business ships and boxes. If you take the boat in the afternoon, you will see the beautiful sun setting into the sea.
If you come to Kaohsiung, you will definitely love here. Our weather is fine all the year. You can see green mountains and blue sea. You can drink coffee behind the Love River. It will be my great honor to invite you to come to Kaohsiung.