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Svetlana Kucheva
Krasnoyarsk State Technical University, 2nd year student

A small fact from the first Russian President biography

"From the childhood of the first Russian president"

Author: Svetlana Kucheva, Krasnoyarsk State Technical University
City: Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Teacher: Nina Tkacheva

Hello! My name is Svetlana and I want to tell you about a small Russian town Berezniki in Perm region, where I was born. It is not far from The Urals.
There is a school №1 in my town. Many years ago the first Russian president Boris Yeltsin finished this school. It is the oldest school of the town. My grand grandmother was a classmate of Boris Nikolayevich.
Now he helps his native school in repair.
One more interesting fact: the nowdays president of our country Vladimir Putin was here working for a while after school or college (unfortunately I don't remember exactly).
It's a young town - only 71 years old, but it already has a rich history.
Now I study in one of the largest city of our country - Krasnoyarsk, but I always visit my favorite town!
If you would like to learn some more details about this place you're welcome to write to me in this forum!