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Ming-Shi Ma
Chung-Cheng Senior Industrial Vocational High School

Pescadores--My Hometown

My hometown is Pescadores. It is a very beautiful island. But I haven't gone back since I graduated from elementary school. However, during the Chinese New Year this year, I decided to visit the Pescadores. On our arriving at the Pescadores, to my surprise, I found out the airport was new and we could take the air passage enter the airport. The facility was not only great but convenient. Because the Pescadores has been gradually becoming an important international port, such facility is necessary in Pescadores. In summer, although the weather is hot, the tourists still like to go there, as they can play with water and eat delicious seafood. Inversely, in winter, the number of tourists are smaller than that in summer, as the wind is strong and the temperature is low. Above all, when you get there, you must to go to the famous scenic spots, such as the Rainbow Over The Sea, Tienho Temple and Hsiyu Fortress. The sights of Pescadores are attractive. If you have any opportunity to come to Pescadores, be sure to visit those famous tourists attractions.