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Yemets Julia
Krasnoyarsk State Technical University



Dudinka! The most modern and coldest city of a planet! On a map you will find it far behind polar circle, not far from Norilsk.Both cities are connected by the most northern railway in the world. Dudinka is the largest river port and sea port on the great Siberian river .Yeni-
sey.Dudinca is the capital of Tajmirsky /Dolgano-Nenetsky/ Autonomous Region.
Dudinka was founded in the second half of the seventeenth century, in 1667 when there was a monarch - Tsar Aleksey Mikhaylovitch Romanov in Russia.

The manuscript testifies about it: The document testifies about actions occurring in Pyasido and about construction down flow of high the Dudina river a small settlement. These words were written by him:The participants of Great Northern expedition did not pass Dudinka.Khariton Laptev,Semyon Cheluskin and Fyodor Minin were first path-breakers and researchers of Taimir peninsula, they worked there during 10 years <1733-1743>.
At the beginning of the twentieth century the settlement Dudinskoye turned into big trading and administrative centre of Dudinskoye area of Turukhansky edge of the Yenisey province.
Till1868 a unique stone structure was the church in Dudinka but it was destroyed by the local merchant Sotnikov, he took it to Norilsk Mountains and constructed a metal melting furnace. Instead of stone the wooden church appeared on the coast of the Yenisey, it was charming small church with bell tower on which there were not less than seven bells.
On the 10 of December 1930 Dudinka became the administrative and cultural centre of Taimirsky Autonomous Region. On the territory of which lived hardly more than seven thousand inhabitants, local representatives of people of the North: Dolgane, Nganasane, Nentsy, Entsy and Evenky.Dudinka turned into the district centre and large city-port.InDecember 1935 the construction of Norilsk Metallurgical Enterprise was started and simultaneously was started the construction of the port and the railway. The Soviet street became its main street. In 1980 the whole micro district of nine storied houses grew in Dudinka!

It is a wonderful city now! Welcome to Dudinka!

Yemets Julia, 17.

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