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Harasov Vitaly
Cosmonauts School, grade 10

Our town Zheleznogorsk

Hello, my name is Vitaly I'd like to write you our home town.
Zheleznogorsk was founded 50 years ago. It's beautiful and young town. It is located in Siberia near the big city
Krasnoyarsk. The population of the town is about 100,000 people. Some years ago it was a closed town and you had to receive a special permission to go into it. It was closed because there was a big plant that produced plutonium for nuclear bombs. Before 1985 there was a big confrontation between USA and former USSR. Today we don't have such a big tension in relationship. And nuclear power station is used to heat the town. There is one more big plant in the town it produces communication satellites. Most of the population works at these big factories. 50 years ago many young people came to this place and began to build with great enthusiasm. I think it was very difficult to build a new town among wild forests, it was very cold in winter, and there were many mosquitoes in summer. The place was chosen by the rulers of the former Soviet Union because it was very far from the borders and far from the center of Soviet Union. Many of them came from Moscow and St.Petersburg and other central cities. The first architects came mainly from St.Petersburg that's why many buildings and houses remind buildings in Petersburg. I admire with these people, to my mind they were very brave and strong people. It was a challenge for young and brave people. The town is surrounded by taiga. We have birch, larch trees and etc. There are foxes, wolfs, bears, but don't think that bears walk in our streets, that's not true! There is a beautiful lake in the center of the town it's a man-made lake. There is also a river Kantat, which is very fast and curving.