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Tanigin Nikita Vladimirovich
school 130 grade 8M

My attitude towards TV

TV has become part and parcel of our daily life.For some people TV is universal pacifier, it is a blessing because it help them to relax.TV gives a rich choice of programmes and it saves our time and money,and we musn't pay for expensive seats in theatre or cinema.But for me television is noisy thing which disturbs me to relax.From TV i usually hear only bad news about terrorists,disasters etc.I hardly ever hear about nature,culture,sports.I can't understand people who are watcing TV all day long.In my daily life television takes one of the latest places.I'm fond of going in for sports,playing computer games.But I never watch TV more than hour.My favourite programmes on TV is "The latest hero",and "Drawback".When I'm watching TV more than an hour my eyes begin to hurrt.That is one of the many reasons against TV.Television turns our children into monsters all day long sitting on the sofa and watching stupid cartoon,then crying "banzaiii" or "pikatchy, pikatchy".As for me television is the most useless invention of human civilization.