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Horngyu Hsie

My Reflection upon the Local History Project

In the beginning, we have no idea how to hold the activity. We have meeting many times. We have the project to take place this activity. We want to hold this activity with children. Taking them visit the relics in their hometown, and tell them how the relics importantly. We didn't start it, because we were busy with my homework. Until the final exam over, we started to prepare our activity quickly. The teacher has prepared some things before we started the activity, like prepare campsite, recruit the children. We have the last meeting before this activity on 2/22. We prepared the shows, and invite the teller to the children. We also practiced dancing, and drew posters. We decided to hole this activity during2/27-2/28 in the winter-vacation. All the things are ready. It's very exciting to wait that day to come.
After joining this project, I found that I learned more knowledge about the ancestors. When I visited the ancestors, I opened my eyes. I saw the things I have never seen. I also learned about how to look after the children and make the actives. The most important for me is I make many new friends. Those friends are friendly, and can solve your problems.
This project is very interesting, I want to join again.