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Бондаренко Анна
Коченевская средняя школы №1

The eagle owl

More than four hundred years ago there was primeval nature. Small marshes were covered with green slime and tall slim reeds around them. But they were not dead and impenetrable mires; they were full of life.
Loud-voiced frogs` choir started every morning and woke up the entire neighborhood. Those merry frogs` song was followed up by ducks` quack. Buzzing sonorously blue dragonflies flew from one reed to the other. Having heard this joyful song the fishes living in the near-by river began to play happily in the water, to outrun each other racing along the winding overgrown banks. From the nearest birch grove a united hares` family hurried to wash in the river. An early song of a lark accompanied their washing.
The nature was waking up! And all the habitants started doing their everyday needs.
Every summer day passed like that. And after summer autumn came.
In the middle of September yellow, red and orange leaves started to fall out of the trees. Young hares played gaily with a heap of rustling leaves. But suddenly the sky was clouding over and it started raining. First it was drizzling then huge drops hit the ground with a loud sound.
Every day the sun appeared less and less frequent. There wasn't enough time for the ground to get dry. Merry birds' voices couldn't be heard any more. Most of them had flown to the warm countries. Frogs had found secluded spots and fell asleep. Thick ice covered fishes in rivers and lakes. The life seemed to stop around there.
At last it was snowing. Hares changed their gray fur coats into the white ones. They were invisible on the snow.
Winter always brought a lot of difficulties. It was not easy to find any food when the frost was very hard. But the inhabitants of the forest helped each other to survive.
Eventually spring came after and severe winter. The snow started melting, birds came back, frogs woke up from a long winter sleep. The joyful life started again in the forest.
This kind of life had taken place here for centuries till one day a man came here.
At first there appeared lonely houses. Then more and more houses were built. People began to cut trees, dry marshes and kill animals. They started building high and big houses. The animals were afraid of people and they went round these houses. They did not know what to expect from the people.
The enormous forest turned into cities and towns. People threw rubbish away into the river. The broad clean Kamyshenka changed into a dirty stinking narrow small river. But a man did not stop at that. He was creating incomprehensible machines. Some of them were driving in the land others were flowing easily in the sky.
Everything had changed. Merry hares did not appear out of their bushes anymore. Frogs and ducks left this place for good. A lot of animals died because of incomprehensible diseases. Men killed some animals.
I realized later that all of the diseases had appeared from enormous houses look like volcanoes. People named them factories. These factories disgorged from their muzzles stinking and acerbic smoke. A lot of temerarious animals who tried to see a volcano closer did not return but those ones who returned drove crazy because of what they had seen.
Great trucks full of industrial waste brought it away from those factories. Some trucks threw the waste away into the rivers and some of them threw their content away to our forest. Dead bodies of curious animals replenished the huge heaps of rubbish. The parents did not let their kids go close to these awful places. But nothing could help. Animals were dying day by day.
But a man did not notice that. He and his family lived in their house as you live now.
I've been living at this place for more then four hundred years. I've seen how people were changing it. And till now I can't understand the people. What do they need? What do they want to get in this life? And now I'm looking at two boys catapulting tins from their slingshots? Why do they need that? Why is this boy aiming his slingshot at mer? I probably have to fly off! Quicker! My wing is tangling up with the branches of the tree I sat in. Oh boy, boy, don't do that there is no need. Oh, my god, it hurts! Everything is going numb I feel nothing. Why?:
:The body of the old eagle owl will lie in the deep snowdrift till the springtime. But when snow melts it will be carried away to unknown place by the spring creeks.
This eagle owl had lived for more than four hundred years but it could not understand people and why we ruin nature? Why do we kill each other? Why do people want to get heaps of money? Why do we do other things that are absolutely unnecessary for us? Why?