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Gorbunov Oleg
School 130, grade 8M.

My attitute towards TV.

My viewpoint is that TV nowadays is not very bad but not well.Of course, TV informs us about the most important affairs in the world and helps us to relax but we have programmes with very low quality, and the number of this programmes rises every day.
Another problem is that we have a lot of channals on our television, but some of them dublicate each other. So, there isn't a wide diapasone of viewpoints, but often we see the same opinions from different people on different knobs. Also we have a rather small number of channals-twins (for example REN-TV and NTN-4) which in different have in fact only the names.
Problem is also that our TV offers us a lot of soup-operas, low-quality films and another not well-done programmes instead of many interesting things, for example sport competitions.
So, only when we solve all this problems we may say that our TV becomes really good.