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Shurpikova Anna Olegovna
school 130, 8B grade

My attitude towards TV.

Pessonally I think that television is blessing!
It offers us a rich choice of programmes. It saves our time and money. You don't need to go somewhere and buy tickets to the theatres or the cinema. With TV we feel relaxed and have no problems with our spare time. We can see there a lot of different shows, plays, movies, concerts. All time we can hear there the latest political news and the news from all over the world. There are some education programms on the TV. These programmes tell about animal's life, cities, cultures, sports, religions. They are very helpful. Also there are a lot of advertisments. Sometimes its helpful but most of people hate it. But everybody knows that if television has no advertisment it won't live.
Television is not just a convenient source of entertaining, it is also a cheap one.
Its comfortable to sit at home and to watch TV in that time you want. You can also do something while you are watching TV.
In my view television is a part and parcel of our life.