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school 130, 10 H

Internet Projects

In 1998 I started to participate in I*EARN projects. So now it's been 3 years. I also participated in the Laws of Life project last year. I wrote a poem about my laws of life and made a drawing. It was chosen for the cover of the book, which was published in New York, and, thanks to that, I got to go to the I*EARN conference in Beijing.
It was a very important and wonderful experience for me. I met a lot of people, got to participate in different interesting events. I also made 3 presentations. I realized how important these projects are, and the Laws of Life project too. I thought how great it would be to tell students about it, like at my school, and encourage them to participate in the project.
When I came back, I not only told about the project at my school, but the coordinator from our school also told teachers and students from other schools about it. They became very intrigued. During the school year quite a lot of essays were written. In those schools, where there wasn't Internet access, the students came to our school, because we have an Internet class. I think that this is very good: I mean, anyone who wants to can write and send an essay, and do it through our school, if they don't have the ability to do it through the Internet at their schools. By the way, ICT are always here, even in bad weather. When it was -48C here in January, and I couldn't go out, I went to the Internet, continued working on the projects. It's so nice to have something reliable right under your fingers.
I also did some very big research on I*EARN and its projects and wrote a report, also telling about my experience and the I*EARN projects at my school. First I made a presentation at school, then at the district conference, and soon I'll be going to the regional conference! It should be very exciting.
ICT are very needed and important right now. They enable people not only to communicate with each other anywhere and whenever, but, also to explore and understand cultures, customs of different countries, acquire knowledge about using computers, find out lots of interesting stuff and, most important, participate in projects that make a difference in people's ambitions toward making the world a better place to live in.