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Dmitry Lychagin
School 130, 8 A grade

My opinion about Television

Of course, I take television for granted today, it has become part and parcel for me. But there are television and some more things of what I am really enslaved. These are computer and, in fact, the "goggle box". I try not to turn into passive man and less creative person, just on the opposite, I love creating, and blessing television, I suppose, TV provides it.
Also television is an important information tools, you can get news from all corners of the world. There are more advantages of TV watching: you can see tremendous cartoons, movies, music clips. Some programmes ot TV have low quality, but in general they are excellent and I think, TV is our best blessing friend, a universal pacifier, which helps to relax.
Separately I should say about watching movies, because it is my favourite activity, connected with television. It's such, because I have a possibitity to record the best programme films and then rewatch it for many times, that helps to understand the film better. For this I thank TV a lot.