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My Future

Many people grew concerned nowadays. Earth pollution has become a great problem. No matter who you are going to be, you have to worry about ecology. The conservation of environment is our only chance for survival. Pollution has to stop, and even now about 30 % of industries work on solving pollution problems. Garbage cans being everywhere and slag heaps around the mining towns make one think eventually. The problem is consumption. It's not possible to catch up with fashion, but that is the way mind works: the more you consume, the better. Today I'm going to buy an up-to-date computer and in two years I'm going to throw it out because it would be too old. Today I'm going to buy this fashion car and tomorrow I'm going to buy a new one. The goods are not made to last forever, they are made to be thrown out. That is fine, as long as:
Imagine the picture of a little place where people put all the garbage, litter etc. First it's a little bit so nobody could notice, then it grows a little bit bigger, add some cars and some TV Sets and some old computers: got the picture? Revolting - a huge pile of garbage! Our Earth is not endless, one day we are going to be right in the middle of this pile. Wait a minute, there's one thing I forgot to mention. Not all of this pile is harmless, most of it is hazardous to our health and to the health of those who live with us - animals, plants - they are going to die - and we too. The nuclear waste, the oil spilled in the sea, the radioactive trash no one needs, plastic: most of those substances are not bio-degradable. Years and years would pass before nature decomposes one single bit: if it survives that long:
May be it is time to stop and think? So even if my future is not going to be connected with environment (I might be an interpreter or a translator), I think it's really important to think about nature preservation. I think re-cycling is a great solution to it, but besides that - the factories could produce less, too (imagine you open your mailbox and half of it if not all consists of different adds and prospects that you do not need, you do not read and you just throw them out: may be we could stop market from producing that? Impossible though:)

And one other thing about future - I'm positive that stereotypes would be destroyed. The culture exchange has gone so far nowadays that in the future there would be no difference about who you are as a representative of the nation, but everything would be about how you are inside:. Who you are as a person.