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Chuchaeva Masha Mehailovna
shool 130

My TV Shows

I don't like television. Somtims it is good! You can sit comfortabl at hom and woch avrithing you like. Now there is a lot of inneresting filws and sows, but mant people get lovt wohing TV so mush that it begens to diminate there lives. Television kills the hobit of reading and the love for active sport. Ower free time is control bi te "goggal box". I think thet we masn't wochin TV so mach. There is a lot of interesting thigs in ower life!

Mabe go for a wolk or riding book. I like woching onle vedeo. It is mor interesting ten boring politics diskushans. Television as good or as bad as we make it. There is no fiucher wihout television but what is television for you?! Can you live wehaut it?