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Degtiarov Ilia
School 130, grade 8e

A part of TV in my life.

Televison for me is part of my life.It is my everyday helper and entertainment. With TV I know everyday world news, music news, I can watch my favourite music videos, films. Also when I am bored I always watch TV. Sometimes when I am alone in my home, my Tv is on, even when I am not watching it, because TV gives me the feeling that there is someone at home.Some people think that Tv is curse, global drug.They think that people become slaves with TV, become lazy coach potatos.Sure TV is a great invention, but I don't think so, because TV can't give me real feelings such as give me ,for example, sport,I think that the real music is much better than music on TV. Another bad TV feature is in new programmes, called "Real Shows". That kind of programmes is based on revealing peoples bad qualities. I think only stupid people can watch such programmes, because of its cruelty.
So i can't say TV is curse or blessing.