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Holodova Olia
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My attitude towards TV

I think, that everyonelikes TV.But maybe some people like it much more, others like it moderately and maybe someone likes TV just a little bit. Everybody must like and watch TV!
And I, of course, like it. TV is mass media,from which we can learn the latest events, news,we can know about famous people,about music,about actors, we can watch films! And what is more important- everything on TV is comparatively cheap. You DO NOT go out and waste your money to see and hear all this information! I like TV, I
watch it every day. I watch films, music-on MTV, some programmes,films.But now,I think, it is not very important what programmes I like. I suppose,that TV is rather good, not bad.If you do not have a lot of money,you can know a lot of information,which the whole world knows. One problem you can have is ,thatall the members of your family like different programmes,but if you be more persistant ,you will have NO problems!
So watch TV and take pleasure of it!