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School 130, grade 10

My Future

My future.
First of all I'll finish school to enter the university. I've chosen psychology faculty. The exams are composition, English and mathematics. These subjects became most necessary for me. I study mathematics for three hours a day and read Russian literature.
I think that NSU is very good, so I must study there.
Nowadays more and more people have the job, which is not associated with their profession. I understand their position, but I think I should have a profession, which allows me to have a reasonable job and money, that means you could fall back on it in your future career. I've chosen psychology to know more about people, and also to have more time to deal with music (from third course students have a lot of time). If I have time, free from studying, I would be able to spend it on playing in my group, composing, enriching the technique of guitar and piano play and learning theory. Then, after finishing university I would decide where to go. If my future is associated with music, I will continue, if it's not, I wouldn't.
I think if you want to be successful in future, you should have not the single way of it. Being good at some things allows you to decide what to do next. Also I believe that in future people wouldn't have so many prejudices, as they have now.

/Ilia, 17