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school 249, 8C

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school 249,8c Puriyeva Aynur

Our country Azerbaijan is an old , rich and beautiful country. It
is situated in the Caucasus it's are is 8,7 square km .Azerbaijan
is a sun-filled country . It borders on Turkey, Iran, Georgia,
Armenia. Azerbaijan is washed by the Caspian sea. There are
many forests and rivers in Azerbaijan . The longest rivers are
the Kur and the Araz . There are many mountais in Azerbaijan
. The mountains are qreen and beautiful in sprinq. Azerbaijan is
famous for it's mineral sprinq, natural resaues, oil, qas, cop per
marble and others. Azerbaijan is rich in cotton, fruit and
vegetables. Black coviar from Azerbaijan is famous in the
world. Our country is a multinational state, 8 million people live
in Azerbaijan. Most of them are azerbaijans.There are a lot of
Rus sians, gews, lezghins, kurds, talishes and other nationals in
Azerbaijan.All of them how the right to develop their national
language, culture, tradition. Azerbaijan has become an
independent country how. It is called the Azerbaijan Republic.
It has it's national emblem, state unthem, money and
army.There are three colours an our flaq. The blue coloure
means the unity of Turkish peoples, the red colour is
modernity. The green colour is the symvol of Islam. The eight
pointed star and the moon are the sym vol of happines and the
prosperty. The state anthem of Azerbaijan was written by
Ahmad Cavad. The music is composed by Uzeyir Hajibeqov.
The capital of Azerbaijan is Baki. The heat of the state is
There are a lot of large cities in Azerbaijan ;Sumqait, Ganja,
Mingachevir, Nakhevan, Baki. Sumqait is not four from Baki.
It is an industrial city today. Sumqait is a centre of ico and
steel, and chemical industries. Baki is the oldes t and largest
city of Azernaijan.
Baki is the oldest and largest city of Azerbaijan. It is the
capital of our country. Baki is situated onthe shore of the
Caspian sea.There are a lot of places of inderest in Baki. One
of them is Azadliq square.The beautiful build ing here is
Goverment house. Every knows the famous Icheri-Shahar, Giz
Galasi, Shirvanshahlsr Sarayi. People like visitinty the Carped
museum, History museum, Nizami museum. Many people go
to the largest park in Baki,whis has turned into a parkof ''Sh
ahidlar Hiyabani''.