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school 130, 8M


As for me, I think that radio is a very useful thing. From a wide variety of different kinds of radio stations I choose Europe +. That is music station, so there are lots of music, different quiz shows, like "Do you know this piece of music ?" or "Can you answer this question?" and, of course, DJs' jokes, which often make me laughing. News bulletings are very short and there are
no educatial programmes so I can relax and have a good time. My favourite programmes are Eurohit Top 40 and Present. During Present you may tell some words to your friends and order your favourite music. I may listen to radio while doing my homework or reading books and it doesn't interfere with my activities.
I don't like listening to such radio stations like Majak. I think that long news stories, different forums and boring soap operas are made for pensioners and are interesting only for them.