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Ilia M.
school 130, 8M

My Radio

I like to listen to the radio very much, but I prefer musical stations and I don't like national stations. I think that people, who work on the musical radio stations are really professionals. It is more difficult to make musical station's air because you must do something with the apparatus practically every second and there must be no pauses in the musical air. The air of national stations is more easy and boring.
I listen to the radio almost all the day long. I like to play various radio games as well, as listening to the radio. There is also a musical quiz shows on the radio. For example on "Europa Plus " it is "Music Box" and on radio "Uniton" it is "Make an idol for yourself".
My favorite radio is "Uniton". I like its programs, its music, its DJS. My favorite DJ is Alexey Haritonov. He has a good taste in music and a great professional skill in working with apparatus. I often phone to some programs when he is on air that's why he remembers my surname, my phone number, the number of my school and can recognize my voice from the first seconds of the conversation. I often write him short letters by e-mail and sometimes he writes me an answer.
Though my favorite radio is "Uniton", my favorite program is "Roman without end" broadcast on "Europa Plus". It is the show of anecdotes wich leaders are Roman Trahtenberg and Denis Krasin. In this program you must "phone to this studio, start telling an anecdote, go up to the main phrase and stop". If Roman Trahtenberg can continue your anecdote, you will lose, if he can't, you will win a prize. Sometimes it's a t-shirt with the sumbol of "Europa Plus", sometimes it's a disk. This program is made in good taste and with great professional skill. It is broadcast not from Moscow, but from Saint Petersburg.
I think that it's enough to say what I like in radio.