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Karasenko Dmitry, 8 M

Radio is one of the major sources of information in our life. It allows me to follow the latest events that are going on in the world: acts of terrorism in the United States, kidnapping people in Chechnya, bombing Afghanistan, hijacking of hostages in the Middle East. Of course we can't be the witness of all important events, we get information about them from journalists and reporters which may be not objective. But we have an opportunity to hear different views and do our own opinion.
It's no secret that some radio stations express certain political opinions of their owners which sponsor the stations. So you may choose radio station according to your own political beliefs or find the one which suits your interests.
It seems that news today are full of bad events: natural disasters, plane crashes, wars, murders and so on. These events are certainly sensational and interesting for many people. But I think there is a wide range of problems and news in science, sport, culture, music, economy, management which are not less interesting that dramatic events and broaden our mind.
I prefer radio programs which inform and educate me. These are programs about history, music, sports. Not all programs are good but some of them are made with great professional skill, for example, Saturday and Sunday evening programs of "Echo of Moscow".
Radio is a cheap form of entertainment for us. It helps us to relax. It's good to listen to the radio in the car, or when you do something about the house. There are many music stations like " Europe plus", "Uniton" and others. You can listen to music all day. But I prefer good music and turn on the radio when there's really interesting program. Sometimes I listen to good reviews of new CDs, new singers and rock groups.
I like some humorous programs, radio games, quiz shows if they are not silly and not second-rate and made in good taste.
I have to say that it's too much commercials on the radio. The program you are listening may be interrupted several times by an appeal to use a new shampoo, to drink certain coffee or beer. So instead of amusement you have only an irritation.
On the whole radio is a very important part of our life. But you must learn to use it intelligently. Don't spend hours listening to the soap operas and commercials. Choose the programs in accordance with your taste and interests.