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Anna T.
school 130, 10H


Novosibirsk is the center of Novosibirskaya oblast' (region). It
is situated 3191 kilometers East of Moscow. It is on the
South-East of East Siberian lowland on the Ob river. The Ob
reservoir is made by water energy station. The climate is
severely continental. The average temperature in July is 20
degrees C, in January it is -20 degrees C. The level of
precipitation is 300 to 500 millimeters a year.
Novosibirsk is generally called 'the capital of Siberia':
Siberia, which is considered by some people the worst place
on the Earth and dreadful to live in, is not actually so bad and it
isn't always cold here, too:)
Novosibirsk is vast transportation point in Siberia. The
population in 1992 was 1441,9 thousands people.
Novosibirsk sprang from little village called 'New Village'
(non official name 'Gusevka'), as a result of building bridge
over the Ob' river, with building of Trans-Siberian main road
in 1893. In 1894 the village was renamed in the name of the
Russian emperor 'Alexander.' In 1895 it was renamed and it
became 'Novonikolaevsk', in the name of other Russian
emperor, Nikolai. Finally, it became a small town in 1903. The
were about 7 windmills by then, some tanneries and soap
works, 2 little cast-iron factories, 2 sawmills (timber industry)
and couple dozens of workshops. The city growth was
boosted by its convenient location, and pretty soon
Novonikolaevsk had various industries and diverse functional
structure. In 1921-25 it became the center of
Novonikolaevsk' guberniya (county), then in 1925 it became
Novosibirsk. The progress hasn't stopped, though. It was the
center of East Siberian district and then - in 1937 - it became
the center of Novosibirskaya oblast'. In 1930s Novosibirsk
became an important industrial, scientifical and cultural center.
During the W.W.II many industries and people were
evacuated from European part of the country into our city. It
helped a great deal during the war with the supplying of
technique, resources, including people as well as food and
other goods satisfying basic needs.
Our "town in city", Akademgorodok, is the place designed
originally to be a science center in Siberia, was built by young
enthusiasts, scientists and many other people in 1960s-1970s.
Since then, Novosibirsk has been developing quickly, and
nowadays it is one of the biggest scientific, cultural and
industrial centers in the Russian federation.
To be continued by the part "modern Novosibirsk"

Tyumentseva Anna