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My town

Hello, Your country sounds beautiful. I am from Kentucky, in
the United States. I also think my state is very beautiful. It is
called the Bluegrass state, because it is said from far away
some the grass that is grown here gives off a blue tint. We have
lo ts of farm land and horse farms in Kentucky. I am from the
largest city in Kentucky, called Louisville and it sits right on the
Ohio River.

Louisville also has a lot of history too. The Lousvile slugger
baseball bat is made here! Muhammad Ail is also from
Louisville. He is a famous boxer here in the states. The most
famous thing that Louisvile is known for is the Kentucky
Derby. The derby is also called the Run for the Roses and is a
horse race that happens the first Saturday in May every year.
It is a really exciting time before derby because there are a lot
of parties and events. We have a parade, a huge fireworks
show called Thunder Over Louisville, and other things. At the
derby, we have a lot of superstars, like actors, actresses,
artists (singer s) and other famous people come. It is really an
exciting time for everyone in Louisville.

Kentucky also has the largest underground cave systems in the
world. Mammoth Cave is in western Kentucky and it is really
very neat to see the cave patterns and huge rotandas that have
been created just from water and erosion.

If you want to know anything else about Kentucky, feel free to

By the way, what is your favorite thing to do where you are
from? Do you all play sports? What is your favorite holiday?

Thanks Shannon