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8 class

My City

School number 249 . Tagiyeva Elnura 8g.
&nb sp;Baki.
Baki is a city of the winds. It is the capital of Azerbaijan and
situated on the of the Absheron. The old history of Baki has
many interesting information.It is difficult to learn the date,
when the small population,which situated on the south coast of
t he Caspian sea, near the good natural harboard,returns to
pheodal city.From the old time Baki was famous for their
riches.It was famous for oil,cotton,grapes ,black and white
gold. Baki was the one city 's where mined white oil.Baki is
also famous for i t's architecture "The old city", "Maidon's
Tower", "Shemakha gates","Shirvanshakh's
palace","Bakihanov's palace" and others.There lived and
worked writers, which were famous all over the world.In the
number of the writers and poets is included:Niza mi
Gandjevi,Samed Vurgun, Nasimi , Fatali Akhundov,
Bakichanov, Sabir and others.In honour of these writers and
poets were put monuments in Baki:the monument of Nizami,
Akhundov,Uzeir Hadjibekov, Fizul, Sabir ,Natavan and o
thers. There are also museums, cinemas, clubs,metros and
exhibitions in Baki. The museum of Nizami,the museum of art,
the Azerbaijan cinema, Baki Entertaiment Centre,club 10:33
and others. Baki is famous for it's beaches and health
resorts.At present due to our goverment our streets become
more beautiful,light,there are a lot of parks, new buildings and
houses .At present there are a lot of tourists coming to Baki
from different countries. At night Baki becomes more beautiful
especially the Boulward.Pe ople walk and enjoy the beauty of
I am proud that I was born in this wonderful city, that I
live and study there.I hope that future generation will be proud
of the city as I am.

Soros. Tagieva Elnura 8g.