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school 130, Novosibirsk, grade 10

My Future

How we are connecting with the environmental ethics!

In my dreams I would like to be a cook. I would like to work with in my own restaurant and to cook tasty and healthy food for people. Unhealthy food depends with pollution, wasting the nature around us, littering , dumping different trash and many other of our thoughtless doings. We might take care about nature. The consequence of that will be more healthy animals. People have to save single of the animals and making the next generations for the food, because if you ask anybody about the traditional Russian food, you will hear a lot of different dishes with meat . For example - pelmeni are usually made in winter. Forthermore Siberian people spend much energy in the cold weather, finally they need food like meat or fish. On the other hand we have to protect nature not only by meat , but people also need natural products, like -bread, vegetables , millet and many other product.
Today most of us are not clearly understand what calls environmental issues. If we would just lying on the sofa and doing nothing, many natural issues will be also touching us, because many wastes with bad influence getting into the air and people which are living In the town or near with big cities smelling this pollution air. I agreeable that many problems are including in government`s jos, but we also could helring the nature if we would looking after our daily life.