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My City

School nomber 249, class 8 'an ' Seferova Nermin.

My city
Baki is the capital of Azerbaijan.Baki is one of the beautiful
city all over the word.Baki is an old city of Azerbaijan; historic
monuments,old buildings, Iceri seher,Sirvansax
palace,Madien's Tover, Ateshkah informed us the ancient time
of Baki.
Baki is one of the most industrial city in Azerbaijan.Neft
Daslari is a beauty Baki.Baki is a famous city for it is ail.
Caspian Sea is the heart of Baki.For it is ail Baki is named y'
Nowadays there are many 'Black cit embassies of foreign
countries in B aki. Such as embassy
of;French,England,Turkey,Russia,Iran and other.
Nowadays Baki estabolished with many foreign countries
cultural, connection trade,art, friendship,political connections.
About 7 mln. People live in Baki. Baki is a national city. Many
different nationalities live in Baki,such
people,Japans,Germans.Azerbaijan people live with them
friedly,a they treat with them well.Azerb aijanian are
Baki is a heart of Azerbaijan.There are many
interesting,beautiful places in Baki.Many foreign people come
to Baki to visit an old monuments and beautiful ancient places.
There are olso many museums such as;Art museum,history
Museum,Nizami's Museum,Carpet Museum other
kinoteatre,cinema,opera,high buildings,Republik palace.I
visited these withwwwwinteresting beautiful,cultural,trade
centre,ancient places museums,theatres and other interesting
places with my parents.
At the first time when I saw Madien's tower I admire it. All
sides of Baki are seen from the top Madien's
Tower.Everybody enjoys the taste of gazing the Caspian Sea
from the top of Tower.There are many legend about the
emergence of the Madien's Tower.
Ateshkah is one of the most old place of Baki is situated in
Suraxani. I become there with my parents some years ago. It is
interesting to me that there the fire burns at all times. There are
interesting rooms,which there reeps old things. There is a map,
which was showed there the ancient trade road of Baki, at that
time the merchants made a tour round the world with
camels.About indians and their traditions is imformed in other
room. There was showed how they preyed for God .They rept
themselves hungry for God .Day by day Baki becomes more
beautiful and blossoms . Many high beautiful , wonderful
buildings are built in Baki. After earthquake with many stable
foundation buildings are built engineers.
Boulvar - is the most beautiful place for population .
Inhobitonts of a town rest there in summer. Breathing the clean
air, looking at the seagulls gazing the waves gives everybody a
good admire.
So, to live in Baki is excelent , but we must save the beauty
nature , air , sea of the city .
To live in this city is wonderful .