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My City

School number 249, classroom 9c Musayeva Anna.

Our city
Baki is the capital of Azerbaijan. It is situated on the shore of
the Caspian Sea. It is an old city.You can see big houses, long
and clean streets and factories there. There are many schools,
kindergartens,Institutes and Universities, too. There are
many museum, exhibitions, libraries and clubs in our city.
There is a beautiful seaside in Baki. There are many
small and comfortable benches there,too. You can see
roses,tulips and carnations there. There are a lot of new
and beauti ful microdistricts. There are a lots of Metro
stations in Baki. Every day thousands of people go to
work by Metro.There are a lot of parks in Baki.You can
see tall and green trees and flowers in the parks many
guestos come to Baki from other cities. They like our
city very much. They say;''What a nice city . We saw
many places of interest in Baki. ''