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My City

School 249 classroom 9c Bayramova Samire

Our city
Our country Azerbaijan is an old, rich and beatiful
country.Baku is capital of Azerbaijan is a large country. It is
situated on the Caspian sea.It borders on Turkey and clran in
the South,Georgio in the West and Armenia in the
North-West.On the East Azerb aijan is bounted by the
Caspian Sea.About thirty million people live in Azerbaijan.
Before 1920 Baku was a small town. The streets of Baku
were not wide and long as today.Grate changis have taken
place in Baku since 1920. Now Baku has become one of the
largest and beatiful cities not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the
whole world.It is famous for its wide and long streets bautiful
sguares, avenues, historical monuments long bridges and a very
beatiful green.Boulevard and oil Rocks on the Caspian Sea.
The Boulevard with benches to sit on the shade on the green
trees has become one of the favourite resting places of the
people of Baku. You can see a lot of beautiful high, new
buildings, institues, universities, museums, cinemas,theatre s,
schools, kindergartens, department stores, shops in Baku.
You can see long and wide streets with tall and green trees in
Baku. In spring, in summer,and in autumn the trees are usually
green. There are a lot of parks in Baku. Martyr's Avenue is
the largest and the most beatiful park here.It is on the mountain
and when you look at the city from it in the daytime or in the
evening the city and the Caspian Sea look very beatiful.