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Ibrahimova Aynur 9 r2 . OUR COUNTRY AZERBAIJAN .
Our country Azerbaijan is an old , rich and beautiful country .
It borders on Turkey and Iran in the South , Georgia in the
West and Armenia in the North-West. On the East Azerbaijan
bounded by the Caspian Sea . Azerbaijan is a large country.
About thirty million people live in Azerbaijan. As a result of
wars between Russia and Iran , Azerbaijan was divided into
two parts according to the Turkmanchay Treaty in 1828 -
South Azerb aijan and North Azerbaijan. In some books the
parts of Azerbaijan are called Russian Azerbaijan and Iranian
Azerbaijan . North Azerbaijan has become an independent
country now.It is now called the Azerbaijan Republic. It has its
own tricolour fla g and national emblem , state anthem , money
and army . The capital of the Azerbaijan Republic is the city of
Baku. One of the old , large and beautiful cities of the world .
The Azerbaijan Republic is as multinational state . More than
seven million people of different nationalities live in the
Azerbaijan Republic . Most of them are the Azerbaijanians .