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My City

School namber 249. AHMADOV SAHIB. 9C.

Our city is Baku. Baku is the capitel of Azerbaycan. It is
situated on Caspian Sea. Baku is an old and at the some time
nev sity. It is one of the most beatifal cities in the vorld.
Before 1920 Baku vos a smaal tovn. The streets of Baku vere
not vide and long as today. Great changes have taken plase in
Baku since 1920. Nov Baku has become one of the largest
and beautiful cities not only in Azerbaycan, but also in the
vhole vorld. It is famous for its vide and long streets beautiful
squares, avenues, historical monuments long bridges and a
very beautiful green Boulevard and Oil Rock s on the Caspian
Sea. The Boulevard vith benches to sit on the shade of the
green trees has become one of the favourite resting places of
the people of Baku.
There are a lot of nev and beautiful, microdistricts in Baku.
You can see a lot of beautiful high, nev buildings, instates,
universities, museums, cinemas, theatres, schoods,
kindergartens, department shops in Baku.
There are a lot of buses, cars, borries, trolley-buses in Baku.
There are lots of Metro stations in Baku.
You can see long and vide streets vith tall and green trees in
Baku. In spring, in summer and in autumn the trees are usualy
green. There are a lot of parks in
Baku. It is an the mountain and. Vhen you look at the city from
it in the daytime ov in the evening the sity and the Caspian Sea
look very beautiful.