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My City

School number 249 Cumajeva Kamala

Our city
Baki is the capital of Azerbaijan. It is situated on the shore of
the Caspian sea. It is an old city. J ou can see big houses , long
and clean streets, plants and factoris , cinemas and theatres
there. There are many schools, kindergardens , institutes and
universities too. T here are many museum, exhibitions, libraries
and clubs in our city. T here is a beautiful seaside in baki. I t is
all lined with green trees. T here are many small and
comfortable benches there, too. Y ou can see roses , tulips
and carnations there. Many guests come to Baki from other
cities.They like our city very much.They say: "What a nice city!
We saw many places of interest in Baki"There are many
places of interest in Baki. There are many sguare here too.One
of them is Azadlig.Maidony. There is a high buildimg there. It is
Government House. The building is very beautiful when the sun
shunes.All the demonstratio ns take place in Azadlig Meidany
.Last year my friend came to me from Turkey and asked me to
show her the places of interesting Baki. I met her at the station
and we home by metro. She saw the beautiful metro stations of
our city.We got up early in the morning.The sun was
shining.She asked me to take her to the"We bought flowers
and went there. There were many men,women,and children
there.Then welked about the city.We came to Icha ri Shahar.It
is in the old part of the city.We went the Carpet Museum.We
visited History museum,Nizami museum and the Art museum
too.At last we came to Giz Galasi.She liked it very much.From
there we watched the city and the sea.We came back home in
the evening.She liked our city and she thanked me and
said"What a beautiful city you have ".