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school 130, Novosibirsk, 10 grade

My Future

My Future.
I don't know much about the environmental problems caused by traditional sources of energy or about the danger of using nuclear power to generate electricity, but when I am 25- 26 years old, I would like to have children, maybe 1 or 2, and I would like to see them in a clear and fresh air without any pollution and different factories.
Of course some people will say that it is impossible, it is something like a vicious circle, and our future will be connected only with blight and disease of different kinds of forests or destruction of rare animals, maybe with global warming or wars.
But I think that we may avoid these problems. For this we must share out more attention to our future, and the main issue I think is to save the worlds wildlife maybe from hunters who are hunting illegally.
If we can do all these things, I believe that we will preserve the World for our children and they for theirs.