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My City

School number -249
Cafarova Parvin
Classrum 9c

Our country
Our country Azerbayijan is an old, ricd and beautiful country at
border on tyrket an Iran in the South, Georgia in the west and
drmenia in the North-west. On the East Azerbaijan is bounded
by the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan is a large country.
A am an Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is our homeland. It is a
country of sunlight. Azerbaijan is very rich. It has oil, gas, ores,
marble, mineral waters and many ofter useful things. The nine
climatic zones are also on the territory of Azerbaijan.
Baki is the capital of Azerbaijan. It is a lovely city. It is on the
shore of the Caspian Sea. Baki is famous for its oil. It is an
industrial and cultural centre of Azerbaijan.We are proud of
our city.