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Gavrilyukov Nick


Listening to the radio.
I like like listening to the radio very much, because there are a lot of different kinds of music on the radio and very many quiz shows panel games. I think today
people can't imagine their life without TV and radio. It helps me to relax after hard day. Every day when I came home from the school I turn on the radio and often
listening to my favorite tunes. I often listen to the radio when I do my home work or doing some work about house or go for a walk. I prefer our regional radio
station radio Uniton. Some weeks ago radio Uniton was named "the best year radio station".
I like musical radio stations but I hate cultural and educating programs. Take for instanse radio Mayak. On the radio Uniton there are a lot of different games are at
different time. For example " Express of congratulations ". It's a program which is broadcast two times a day. At first thity minuts radio member of the studio reads
letters with congratulations and at last thity minutes radio listeners can call to the studio and congratulade somebody with birthday, marriage and other holidays, and order a song. So I think that the radio is cool.