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Shipova Ann
School 130 8a

Listening to the radio

I think that we shoud listen to Russian radio sometimes , because there is entartainment and news, music and cultural programmes on the radio.On the radio in the definite days are various radio games. we can learn about
music news.for instance, someone from singers sang his new song, or had his concert in any country.
Our national and regional public radio has sometimes news about anybody's marriage, or about weather, sport,
military, crime or about event abroad.
If I have free time I always listen to the music radio.
My favorite programmes are quiz shows like "Do you know this piece of music?". But it is difficult programme,
because you can not always call on the studio.
Sometimes I listen to news . They are brief but useful. I like a panel game ''Prizent'' on the music station ''Europa
Plus''.On this game listners may congratulate their family wth birthdays.
I think that radio is a necessary thing in our life!