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school 130, 8


Korsun Olga 8 A.
Composition radio.
There are many things I like about radio. First, there are a great variety of radio stations,
Rock, pop & many other kinds of radio stations, you always can choose your favorite radio station with your favorite music. As for me, I haven't my favorite radio station 'cause
I'm listen to the radio once or twice a week & I don't know it well. But I prefer listening
To the Radio Europe plus or Uniton. But tastes are different, for example my grand parents
Listen to the radio Mayak, my brother listens to the radio Hit fm, & so on. I think
That on every radio station there are always some programs done in a good taste with professional skill. Of course a big part of success depends on DJ, as for me I like all DJs
On the radio that I listen to, they all are very funny & active.