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mark levin
school130 8b class


Television is the most popular entertaiment in people's home life today.For some people watching TV is a hobby.
Tastes differ.Different people watch different TV programmes.There are people who watch only news.They are interested in the politics.They learn much from the daily "Time" or "Today" programmes or from weekly programmes "Itogi" which are broadcast by different TV companies ob different channels.Some people like to watch films on TV.They considere it to be more convenient to sit comfortably in their armchairs with a cup of coffee or tea than to go to the cinema.
Children and many teenagers like animated cartoons.Sport-lovers try not to miss any sport event that is broadcast, especially when their favourite teams of athletes participate in it.
There are some programmes that help schoolchildren in their studies.Some people watch "soap operas".
As for me i watch TV much ,as i have much spare time.And i always find time for my favourite programmes.
When i have much spare time iwatch films especially comedies,actions.There is one thing about TV that i don't like It's plenty of advertizing on all the channels.There is practically no person, who does not watch TV.