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Yurin Max Alekseevich
130 school, 8e grade

My friend

In the beginning of the classes in September I knew that some american boy had come to our school. I did not know anything about him, but i was quite interested to make the acquaintance of him.
Unfortunately, I could not imagine the way how to do it, I mean I had no occasion for acquaintance. So I forgot about it.
Some weeks later our basketball trainings began. I was very glad and satisfied, because I had been waiting for it for tht whole summer. And I was excited and satisfied double when I had come to my first training and saw this american guy plaeing basketball there.
You know, every sport gives you a lot of opportunities to make friends easily. especially such sport as basketball. When ou play in one team with a guy you havent seen before, be sure, you would have one more mate in nyt tnd of game.
In such a way I met Venaik and rntw him pretty well.
He lives in the USA, Minnesota. But his nationality is Indian. His parents came here to give lectures in the Novosibirsk University. In he went to study our english school. He does not know russian at all so his studying is quite difficult, but interesting. He has known a lot abjut Russia, its people, traditions and customs. Venaik is patient, intellegent optimistic and kind. He has a good sense of humour and sometimes is very funny and amazing.
He likes basketball and sports in general, plays with us in district competition.
I speak with Venaik rather often, we discuss different topics: his living in America, hobbies, interests, some interesting facts. He sometimes asks me about my life and about Russia in general. I often explain to him different situations and russian prases, which he could not understand.
Now I can say proudly: "I have a real american friend!"