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Dima Vedeneev
school 4, class 10 V

The history of my family

I want to tell you about my family and about my relatives.All my relatives were the usual people. But all of them had difficult life.
My parents met in 1981, when they studied at the institute of national economy.
The mum has finished high school and behaved in institute. My mother's very hard-working, stubborn, self-confident and reliable woman. The daddy at first studied in a technical school, then he served in the army. Then has entered in institute and has finished it successfully. He's stubborn and always achieves all him self. My daddy is strict fair man. My daddy is a thoughtful father and reliable freand.
My mam was born in Novosibirsk, as well as I. The grandmother(mother's mother) also was born in Siberia.
Her father, great-grandfather Foma died during the war in 1944 . My great-grandmother Kate brought up 5 children, on her own that's why my grandmother Lida began to work very early.My grandmother Lida is very hard-working and modest woman.
The grandfather Vasiliy, the father of my mum arrived to Novosibirsk after serving in the army.
His native village was Shyrala in Ural, but he has not lived there since 1943. This year he went to the front to defend his mother and his family after the war has moved to Novorosiysk, where his sister lives now. My grandfather Vasiliy died in 2000.
My daddy was born in Samara. His parents the grandfather Vladimir and grandmother Nastya also were born on Volga. In 1971 their family moved to Novosibirsk