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Elena Pirozhkova
school 4, class 10 V

The history of my family

 I would like to tell you about my roots. There were different people in my family. Some of them were rich, some were poor; some lived in Siberia, some lived in another places. They all were hard-working and responsible people because many of them were peasants. 

My relatives came to Siberia with different ways. For example, parents of my grandmother Nina Peskova (Faina Medvedeva and Petr Peskov) had a creamery, they were very rich people and they lived in the area of the city Ivanovo (not far from Moscow), but at the time of Stalin they had to move to Siberia because the government confiscated the property of the rich people. One night a person came to their house and said that they would be the next to confiscating and they took all their things and money and moved to Cherepanovo, in the area of which lived the parents of my grandfather Anatoly Pirozhkov (Constantin Pirozhkov and Marina Malutina).

Parents of my grandmother Maria Koroleva (Alexandra Elizarova and Terenty Korolev) lived in Buguruslan - the area of Orenburg (which is near Ural). My grand-grandfather Terenty Korolev had died during the first months of World War II in German concentration camp. My grand-grandmother stayed alone at the age of 29 with four children, as many women of that time. 
Parents of my grandfather Nicolay Kiselev (Nicolay Kiselev and Taisia Ivanova) came from Astrodim (not very big town in Siberia) parents of Nicolay Kiselev (my grand-grandfather) had a big shop, the biggest in the whole area, also they were keeping a flock of sheep and a herd of camels.
So my relatives lived in all different areas of Russia and finally they met in Siberia
My grandmother Nina works at school №4 as a teacher of maths. My grandfather Anatoly works at the factory. My second grandfather had died when I was 4. And my second grandmother is a pensioner, she lives in Karasuk.